Sunday, November 05, 2006

I went through
my earlier posts before I transfered onto my W98 computer. I no longer need to go into edit mode to color the title of the Blog and bold. I can do it like I used to before my earlier posts this week and cleaned them up lots of typos. Least this way makes me look half assed credible

Also, last night I went to Bythor's blog and it's been updated a bit and he mentions that their circle upholds the Gnostic tradition which means he's still doing the Gnostic Mass. Good stuff. I really enjoyed going to those when I did but since I got married it's hard for me to justify to my wife me going to the Mass, when I sometimes won't get home until 1am or later. She can accept me going to the lodge because it's a guy thing but the Mass is mixed singles and couples. That's what Wicca's membership is composed of. No doubt they had a Mass there last night.


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