Friday, November 03, 2006

I didn't
get to go to lodge tonight. All I could get was Neils answering machine. Not a good day yesterday.

Now I can recover my windows desk top from the Compaq system recovery and they warned me that I could lose all my data. The computer would be reset to original factory settings, Meaning I lose everything. I lose the NW novel, my "F" project synopsis, 6 months worth of diaries and hundreds of photos and some music as well. It's heart braking but this teaches me a valuable lesson. Back Up.

But speaking of "F" I began a synopsis earlier and I'm well on my way to actually completing it. I'm going to try and reach Compaq and see if there's still away I can recover my last know Good settings.

If not I'll start over.

Time to go to bed. Coast is on.


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