Monday, October 02, 2006

Better night
on the job then previous outings. I did $360 on HHF and I got a couple of credit cards. I was semi taping. It's cheating but we needed the totals and I was doing fairly well with it. For select semies.

I did a bsl reading at break at 8.7 I think. Not great but at least its not over 10.

The last half was pretty slow.

Earlier though I was having a talk with some of the people at work that have the digital cable and nobody else is having the same problem we are. Some one from business is going to ask around their neighbors to see if they are having any reception troubles. Fran thinks it could be a lose wire some place.

Anyway, I'll have more information tomorrow. Anne is going to call Shaw or may have already done so earlier at her work We still have that tech guy scheduled to show up for Wednesday.

I was happy I got out of the office. A nice evening out there. I got a seat to myself on the train tonight as it was a lighter load on the train home. Wrestling is going to start in an half an hour.

All for now.


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