Thursday, July 06, 2006

well, we finally
have some rain. Still sitting at +18 out there but at least the bit of light showers we have is welcome relief. Temps called for about +30 today but that’s been dropped to +28. Even though it’s overcast, there's a lot of smoke in the air from about 42 forest fires around the Province. But still it's nice to have the rain to cool things off.

Anne wants me to bring my cheque to her job tonight after I get off work. Even if it’s raining I I won't mind. I can just take the lrt home as usual. If everything goes okay this weekend I’ll be able to get the batteries for my camera. I want to get the batteries Saturday so I can go out Sunday afternoon and take a few outdoor shots. I want to go to the West end and take a shot of my old bachelor apartment and then the old Meyer place and then Sandy lane phone booth where I called that night Helga and I went down to where Richard lived to get Ellen before it's gone and some photos of the old neighborhood. Then I want a shot of the old 5 Oaks place and then home. It’s a long way to go for maybe half a doz shots but I want them while I have the camera.

Okay, I got up about 6am and did the cbi thing and went right back to bed. I slept until 11:30am and watched The Rifleman and back to bed. Sleep came a bit harder but I think by 7am I was fast asleep and that would have given me at least 6hrs sleep. So I’m okay.

What with the rain coming down it’s still muggy out there and hazy. I hope we’re out of this heat wave that’s been gripping the City over the last several days. If we hadn’t had the AC we’d be roasting at night and that makes it tough for me to sleep.

Last night in Coast they were talking about Alien mind and alien abduction plus of course all those callers that had their own alien abduction story. I didn’t stay up to listen to much of Coast but part of the discussion include why Governments are keeping Et contact here on Earth secret. I think part of the reasoning behind it would simply be for reasons of National Security. In that aspect I can’t blame any Government for keeping such a thing under wraps. What leads me to believe that Governments primarily the US Govt has had a ce3k or down right contact is due to the surge in technology we’ve had in the last 50 years. Take the PC for example. It’s got all the familiar earth based technology but it can do un like unfamiliar earth type things. Just how we got this technology some would say was through back engineering programs. Give it to the masses in a benign way and they’ll buy it. “Then we can use it for military/black opps programs.” It’s all done gradually over time. Seed the idea in the mind of some think tank or scientist and let fame and fortune plus human nature take over. I don’t know if I truly believe our technological inventions over the last 50 years actually developed out of this type of program but it is an interesting dilemma for sure. The other part of this is one has to ask what’s in it for Et? I think all this back engineering activity might all have to do with Roswell. Do I believe mankind has been visited by Et in the past? Roswell 1947, Shag harbor 1967, Phoenix Lights 1997. Odd isn’t it that all these dates end in 7? But there are many more. That’s just to name a few cases. The most recent Phoenix Lights in 1997 basically nailed it for me.

Anyway, I’m still working on NW and I’ve put together my scene sheets for the novel. 80 scenes, It’s coming together nicely.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

e. Jim

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