Saturday, July 01, 2006

Okay, I changed the
title of the novel (again) to "Netherworld" working title. I'm working on Characterization now following TMP. Now I don't care if the title has been used before. It's my Netherworld and that's all that counts. I'm not using something that's so obvious like "Lord of the Rings." That said, I'm getting a lot out of this TMP book and I've been working on Netherworld here after titled "NW" I'm still going with a Labor Day start-date. 10K/ week is my goal.

I haven't heard anything from my Blogger post yet but it is the long weekend. I've got 25 views but no responses. Well, it is the long weekend. I also posted a comment on C.E Murphy's Blog about how her Blog doesn't show up very well for IE users. So far no replies from her. Like I said, it's the long weekend and not many people are Bloging this weekend. Not that I blame them.

Getting back to NW, at the rate of 10k/week, starting on the LD weekend, I should have the 100k novel done just after the Nov 11th Remembrance day weekend. Then I'm going to spell proof it and give it the once over. I'll probably spend most of 07 rewriting it. When it's ready I'd like to send it out to a specific market. I won't say which just yet. So far I've written, Ace V 2 (books) Underworld, Rouge Behavior and I started Lodge Brothers but it wasn't prepared properly and a host of other books before that even back in the 80's and early 1990's. I've got fragments of Melt down, and other books on old 3.5 floppies. I'd love to recover that data but I think the disk has been reformatted and is no doubt unrecoverable. Lost forever I'm afraid.


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