Saturday, July 01, 2006

I got up a
lot of times to pee but I think I’ve had enough sleep. I went to bed about 3am and I got up around 6am to do the cbi thing and went right back to bed. I slept off and on until Anne got up around 10am to go out and do her thing. I think she came back and went back out again.

I’m onto my first coffee. I think I got a total of 7hrs sleep. That travel pill worked okay but not as good as it works normally.

Just getting into TMP and it’s pretty good. It’s not as technical as Swain. Bickham’s scene & structure is a thin book but it probably packs a good enough wallop. I’m still committed to pick it up on Friday and order the TMP work book.

Having my first coffee here today. It’s going to be a warm one and all next week, we’re supposed to get temps in the high 20’s. I even saw a 37* in the long range, I doubt we’ll get that but anything is possible.

Mark and family over there at OS Empire just came back from their summer vacation in Lynton BC and said they had Temps around 40+ He said at every campsite they visited the Camp site had a wi fi connection or Hot Spot. Well, I guess lots of people bring their lap top computers with them to the lake these days but at temps like that I can see why they call it a Hot Spot.

I also made a comment on the Scientology thread over there at AGF.


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