Saturday, July 01, 2006

A different look
to my diary for today.

Well the Oilers signed Pissani to a 4 year long term deal 2mill/season. Lots of things happening this month what with the Space Shuttle launching today and the NHL off season and the World Cup currently underway. Ralph Kline in Washington promoting Alberta to the Smithsonian event there in Washington this week. Some good stuff going on.

We got our rent paid, I get a br break tonight and I’m going to take a travel pill in about half an hour, listen to some Coast for a bit. Mysterious animal noises. Tomorrow, Et Contact, Sunday, UFO cases. A good weekend for Coast. I just wish we had some beer. All that and I have my book, TMP to go over and other stuff. I’m going to have a great weekend.

I was going to watch “36 hrs” with James Garner (1959) but Anne came home, so I’ll have to watch for it another time. Looked really good.

I did a bsl reading when I came home just after 9:pm and I was at 6.9. That’s not to bad. I prefer it to be in that range anyway.

Tonight weather is supposed to be a lot cooler, around 16* overnight. Today about the same as it was Friday just about 22* for a high. Just the way I like it for the summer but latter this week, we’ll be back into the above 25* + range. I saw a couple 28*’s in there and a 30* Oww.

So I’m going to work Et into TMP as my Template and see what comes out of it. I took a look at Bickham and it’s a thin book for $17. I’ll still pick it up but TMP with the workbook looks awesome. I should have ordered the workbook and I’ll probably do that next week.

There’s been no response yet to my topic posting on Blogger about this Template Trouble in my sidebar with my visitor counter. I’ll see if anything develops overnight.

Oh, I've added C.E.Murphy to my Blog rounds. Another great Blog. Check it out.


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