Tuesday, January 03, 2006

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11:57am wow, the cats let me sleep in. I got up at 7:05am so I had a good 3 hrs sleep, then I went back to bed by 7:30am. I had to get up to pee every now and then but I had slept from 7:30am up until 11:30am,giving me an extra 5 hrs sleep. I got a whole 8 hrs of sleep.
12:51pm we finally have a bit of sunshine out there today. This has been a remarkable winter weather wise for us here in Northern Alberta with warm temps. I think we’re in for another drought this spring though. Despite the way it looks out there it’s not that cold. A look at the Pixie boy box in the sidebar will reveal that much. Last night we had a lot of fog. I haven’t seen it this foggy in years.

Last night I got an idea for “Lodge brothers” at last. In a way it’s similar to “Rouge behavior” but not really. It’s a long way from a full fleshed out idea but at least I’m getting somewhere. I might even get out a story idea this month yet. There’s lots of time left in the month.

Well this is the last week for this Office where I work. It’s a shame really because we’re going to lose our windows when we move over to the windowless space in the new building. I’ve got a lot of memories in this place. It’s where I met my wife and we had a lot of good times here. We could watch the storm ease off pelting rain on Jasper Ave see the sunset and the sky conditions. So it’s going to be hard to get used to. The good part about it is I can get off the back end of the train with my wife after her stop and at The Bay before my Corona station and I wont need to wait for that damn connection bus to the lrt. I’ll be able to catch the 9:11pm Clairview train all the time now. Plus closer to my optomologist in the same building. It’s not like the whole building is without windows, only the second floor. Anyway, we move in next Monday. This time next week I’ll be wondering into the new building. What I liked about our current location is I’m on the same block as Shoppers Drug Mart, where I get my diabetic supplies from. But it’ll be more convenient to get to work now.

Watching the news earlier and the markets, Oil is uo by $63.60 or something like that, which is good news for Alberta. It means the economy keeps it’s strength and we might even be up for more reseource checks if the price of oil remains the same through out the year or higher.
Anyway, I’m going to takle some more on Lodge brothers or “Lb” for short.it’s got good possibilities for the making of a good story. Now all I’ve got to do is sci-fi it up a bit and look for the sf part of the story.

I also want to do some Bloging and check on my blogs. I have a few I read every day listed in the sidbar. Hey, don’t forget to sign the guestbook. Drop by and say hello or leave a comment. Tell me what you think of this Blog. Does it suck? Is it a big joke? Getting a good chuckle? Whatever. I delete spam by the way.


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