Sunday, January 01, 2006

Anne and I went down to First Night and watched the fireworks display. It was a beautiful night even though I was a bit over dressed for it. We left out of here after the Oiler Flames hockey game shortly after 10:30 and I took the stairwell to meet Anne out front and I found a baseball cap abandoned in the stairwell. I wanted one like that. Finders keepers. Anyway, we walked all the way down to the train station. Anne kept finding cans and bottles. We decided to go to the University and then back track to Churchill station and we took the exit up to Churchill square park. The crowds were in full force. It was busy down there. The fireworks caught us off guard when they went off but the show was very interesting. If I had a digital camera I would have taken some pics. I think I’ll be getting one soon.

Anyway we caught the next train back to Clairview easy enough and caught the front seat. ETS was using every available train running the lrt and bus service until 3am. When we got back to Clairview station there were no buses there so we ended up walking home. The fire works lasted a good 10 minutes and when we got home, I watched Knight Rider and Anne made me something to eat and were about ready to go to bed.

The sad part for me about last night was The Oilers lost to Calgary but the Oilers did pretty good and with a few minutes to spare had the game tied at 5. The Flames got a lucky shot that bounced off a few players and in the net 6-5 with less then a minute to go. To be fair though, the Oilers played Friday night and were a tired hockey team while the Flames were at Home and had 4 days off.

e. Jim

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