Monday, January 02, 2006

9:43pm I’ve been working at message board stuff almost all day. Right now it’s foggy out there. Not ice fog but something weird is going on. Wrestling was preempted this evening because of the Olympic hockey game and the adds were fast and furious tonight on raw. I missed the opening part and the show isn’t back because of the hockey game. And the Flames won this afternoon in Calgary to Chicago and now are 4 points ahead of the oliers for first. So the network comments on how Chicago has lot their 6th in a row now, which is bnasicly saying “until tomorrow night” when they meet the Oilers.

It hasn’t been a very good day at all but I’m going to try and get some writing in tonight and I don’t mean Blog stuff. I’m just wondering if I should go into more work on “Lodge Brothers.” That sounds about right.

10:55pm I don’t have an wiz bang notion for Lodge Brothers. I plan on having the novel at 80k and 20 chapters. Nothing concrete or substantial. Just some cosmetic changes is all.


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