Tuesday, December 06, 2005

You're probably wondering

does this guy ever sleep?

I wonder that myself. It was just around 2:45am or so I was just nodding off when a bang suddenly jolted me out of bed. I couldn't get to sleep since then so I'm up for an hour and then I'll l take my insulin, feed the cats and try and get some sleep.

Coast wasn't bad tonight and I agree with some of the shows content, which said that energy doesn't get destroyed that it just gets changed into something else. He was referring to death and after death. Or life after death that is. Some of the many topics we talk about over there at AGF, which I haven't contributed much since I go this new computer in August but ately the gang there has been focusing to much on Christian themes. Not seasoned to my taste but that's just me. I think I'll try and get a link to AGF. I'm known as Sebek93 over there.


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