Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I'm a light sleeper and after I got to bed around 5:30am I slept like a log except for the odd pee break. But I feel a bit drained. I'm onto my first coffee and I'm starting to pick up a little.

If you notice the pixie boy icon in the sidebar, yes that is indeed the right tempature taken at Edmonton City center airport but since I've been inside all weekend as soon as I get outside, it's going to hit me like a brick wall today but we've had it pretty good here in November and that took a huge cut out of winter. Now it's just Dec, Jan, Feb and a bit into march and we're just about done. It's winter, no big deal.

Anyway, I've got about an hour left here and I want to do those type-ins for I think this is the 8th version of Cross Hairs. It's Anne and our's 5th wedding anniversary. We don't have any children nor want any because of our age but we do have our 4 cats, Pledges, Silky, Sparky, and Sporty. Not that I don't like kids or anything but that's another story. I'm surprised we made it this far and let me tell you, there have been moments when I thought I wouldn't see our 5th year. But I'm glad we've made it.

Well, that's about all for now.

e. Jim

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