Saturday, December 03, 2005

Had a lousy sleep last night/this morning and have a bit of a headache. I ended up taking some of the CSI material out of my media card and put some more Ska stuff inside and I have 67 songs on the card now and room for probably 10 more before it's full or 114mb left. I might even be able to get another 28 songs on the card bringing it up to 95 and according to the SD memory card storage charts, 95 songs is about right for a 512mb card. And for a 1Gb card 190 songs. For a 2Gb card 380. From what I'm reading a 1Gb card costs maybe about $110 here in Canada. But I'm considering an Ipod or a Zen but an Ipod makes more sense because I won't need to worry about batteries anymore and that's a hassle trying to get them. I've been in another window and looking at the 60Gb iPod with video and USB and Future Shop is asking $499 and can store up to 15,000 songs and 150 hrs of video. Not to shabby. Not that I have 15K worth of music, I barely have 1k! After tax the iPod 60Gb is going for $545 and of course the recycling fee.
I still need a cell phone and an am radio. and I'd like to get an all in one package including the TV and local TV not just 2-3 channel cell phone TV. I'm probably asking for a lot and the TV in a cell phone is a few years away from what I need it for.

Coast was pretty good last night, for a Friday night they had more on the Paul Hellyer story and Linda Morton Howe had an interview on with this fellow. It seems he had a discussion with a retired USAF General about UFO's and the general said that UFO's are as real as airplanes flying overhead. Maybe this General has passed away sense then but it was one of the better Coast shows of last week.

Anyway, I'm still refining the plot elements of CH and I'm almost there but I have a few decisions to make before the story gets the grammar once over.

For tonight though Anne is going out to watch a movie at the dollar theater. "Flight path," or something like that and I'm home by myself watching the Oilers and Boston game but I got a big old bag of Old Dutch smoky BBQ chips and a 2L diet Coke and as it's going to be -18C* tonight. I'll be hunkering down here on the couch all night watching hockey with our puddy cats. Anne asked me if I wanted to go, but to walk the mile or even less to the dollar theater in this weather for Jodie Foster? Umm, I don't think so.

Not much in the world of sci fi movies and TV coming out that interests me. Triangle is about the Bermuda Triangle but that seems to be on TV. There's the Mission Impossible 3 movie coming out. When I'm not sure but coming up on the immediate horizon is "A Scanner Darkly"
Another King Kong movie (yeesh), of course Aeon Flux( Kind of reminds me of a Laura Croft tomb Raider thing. Superman Returns? This should be interesting. "Immortel"Digital backgrounds, "Casshern" another "Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow" flick. There are a few offerings but nothing epic like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. I'm hoping for a new Star trek movie or even a new James Bond for 2006 but I could be in for a long wait.

Star Trek Nemesis was the 10th installment of the Trek movies and that came out Dec 2002 and nothing since then and according to Wakipedia look at Star Trek it doesn't look like anything is coming down the Star Trek road until around 2007. If that even. The difference between the last Star Trek TV show with the original crew and the first movie, 1969-1979. We might be in for the same kind of ride like before. Not like Star Trek was the last word in sf or anything.

Anyway, that's all for me for now at least. There may be more latter on.


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